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Folded bacon with rind

Product type
Cured cold cut

Pork meat, salt, natural flavourings, spices. Sugars: dextrose, sucrose. Preservatives: E252 (potassium nitrate), E250 (sodium nitrite). Antioxidant: E300 (ascorbic acid).

Local traditional cold cut made from selected Italian bacons. The bacons are trimmed, dry-salted and after a period of rest interspersed with massages (to facilitate salt penetration), are ready to be hand tied in the typical 'book' shape. Processing terminates with a curing cycle.
Contains no dairy derivatives, gluten or GMO.

Curing lasts approx. 30 days.

The bacon weighs between 4 and 6 kg.
However, it can be packed in smaller portions according to customer requirements.

Shelf life
This cold cut does not have a pre-defined shelf life; nevertheless it is best before 6/8 months from packing to fully appreciate the organoleptic properties and the correct consistency.

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Antica Cascina at Anuga Food. 10-14 October 2015
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